At Addmarc, we are completely alert to the fact that each client is special and presents us with an opportunity. We review,plan and recommend key marketing initiatives that are customized to each client’s requirements.

How it is done?

Step 1: Our team understands and evaluates the requirements of a client . The detailed analysis includes a study of vision and goals of the client in the long term; the target clientele;the local environment within which it operates;the competition directly affecting it;the factors in a national or international level that could affect the client .

Step 2:Using the data that has been gathered,our team prepares a tailor made solution – a card that offers benefits designed to appeal to the target clientele. Avoiding the pitfalls of generic privilege cards ,these packages are carefully customized to ensureĀ  that the client sees an increase in revenue in the areas that they have specified .

Step 3: This card is then marketed to the target clientele using the “feet on street” approach that is unique to Addmarc and, indeed,its core competence that gives it winning edge . Our well -trained sales professionals personally visit people,on behalf of client,to present the benefits of being a loyal customer

All expenses in Step 2 and Step 3 are borne by Addmarc.

Step 4: The client sits back and enjoys watching a daily increase in footfalls !