Addmarc Hospitality and Marketing Services was established in 2000 when Rajat Pandita recognized the tremendous opportunity that was present in the Indian hospitality industry – the gap between supply and demand that was surprisingly unaddressed. A little research revealed that the burgeoning industry was growing rapidly but was failing to engage the local customer base; the customer base that was also expanding by the day with increasing disposable incomes and unprecedented aspirational values. Loyalty programmes were aplenty but they were limited in their scope. Rajat, undeterred by the monumental task of breaking the status quo, entered the market with a vision, a plan and a determination to succeed in this unchartered territory. Cut to the present, we are a team of over 500 professionals specializing in customizing innovative marketing initiatives for our clients to give them the winning edge they need to establish an unparalleled position in their respective markets. We assist hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubs, multiplexes and leisure parks utilize their capacity and maximize their revenues by designing and marketing loyalty plans tailor-made to suit their specific needs. Our core competence, and indeed the driving force of our success, is our ‘feet on street’ approach: our trained sales force that leaves no stone unturned to engage with the target clientele on a personal one-to-one note to convert their idle or even absent interest into valued loyalty. Our expertise and proven competence allows us to safely guarantee our clients a bare minimum increment of 30-35% to the bottom line. In our commitment to the growth and profitability of our clients, we ensure that they bear no monetary cost in the programme. Our portfolio of more than 400 hotels and 300 restaurants and our high client retention rate are testaments to our ability to deliver beyond our promises. We intend to continue although not in the same vein but larger and stronger as a company because we intend to expand our horizons beyond borders and bring our customers in India the best that international hospitality has to offer.